South Africa was struck by a 5.3 magnitude earthquake on Tuesday afternoon, with early analysis placing the epicentre in Orkney.

Emergency medical services on the scene reported that one man had died after a wall fell on him as a result of the earthquake. “He was found lying under some debris,” said ER24 spokesperson Luyanda Majija.

The region is known for being relatively stable, where large scale earthquakes are seen on international news broadcasts. Events today will undoubtedly spark debate as to the sustainability of mining activities, particularly as Orkney and surrounding areas are mining towns. But so were Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and even parts of Botswana. Whatever the cause, environmentalists and civilians alike will demand answers. One or two committees may be set up to investigate.

A 5.3 scale earthquake is regarded as “moderate” on the richter scale, while the highest ever recorded was in Chile in 1960, measuring 9.5.