• Extant S01E10: “A Pack of Cards”
  • Extant S01E09: “Care and Feeding”
  • Franklin & Bash S04E03: “Love Is the Drug”
  • Graceland S02E11: “Home”

Show Rating 7.8


Somewhere in Southern California, in a drug raid run by the US government, a beachfront property was…


  • How the Universe Works S03E08: “Starman”
  • Legends (TNT) S01E03: “Lords of War”
  • Mystery Girls S01E10: “The Killer Returns”
  • Taxi Brooklyn S01E10: “The Longest Night”
  • The Bridge (US) S02E08: “Goliath”

Show Rating 7.7


Ted Levine Lieutenant Hank Wade (23 episodes, 2013-2014), Demian Bichir Marco Ruiz (21 episodes, 2013-2014), Diane Kruger Sonya Cross (20 episodes, 2013-2014), Annabeth Gish Charlotte Millwright (20 episodes, 2013-2014)


Two detectives work together to take down a serial killer operating on both sides of the Texas-Chihuahua border.

The Bridge

  • The Divide S01E08: “To Whom Evil Is Done”
  • Utopia (AU) S01E03: “Very Fast Turnover”
  • Young & Hungry S01E10: “Season 1, Episode 10”

Show Rating 7.5


Emily Osment Gabi Diamond (10 episodes, 2014), Jonathan Sadowski Josh Kaminski (10 episodes, 2014), Aimee Carrero Sofia Rodriguez (10 episodes, 2014), Kym Whitley Yolanda (10 episodes, 2014)


A well-off young tech entrepreneur hires a feisty young food blogger to be his personal chef.

Young & Hungry