Apple Watch – Here’s what to expect

Tim Cook is expected to take the stage on Monday to announce details on Apple’s first wearable product, the Apple Watch. Rumours have been circulating the internet for years now on what Apple might offer should they decide to make a smart watch. Well, they have, and here is what you can expect.


The Apple Watch will come in 3 differing models catering for various tastes. For those looking to get their hands on the entry-level model (Apple Watch), you can expect it to be made from stainless steel.
The Apple Watch Sport will come in a choice of two materials, silver or gray aluminum. If you’re looking for something with a little more prestige, the Apple Watch Edition is it. Apple’s premium model will come in two flavours, 18-karat yellow gold and 18-karat rose gold.
The Apple Watch will be strapped to your wrist with one of 6 wristbands:
  • a metal band with a traditional clasp
  • a rubber sport band
  • a magnetic leather band
  • a leather band with a classic buckle
  • a leather band with a modern buckle
  • a flexible metal magnetic band

The 3 versions of the Apple Watch

Security lockdown

With the launch just days away, Apple is said to be working with developers on fine-tuning their apps before the Apple watch makes it’s debut on Monday. The aim is to have the device ready for everyday use at launch, which can only help boost early sales.
According to Bloomberg, security at Apple’s test labs is extremely tight with developers even being forced to sign non-disclosure agreements. Internet access is blocked inside the rooms, and no outside materials can be brought in to the labs with the test watches, a person who attended said.
The companies, sometimes sharing a room, must bring in source code for their apps on a computer hard drive that can’t leave Apple’s headquarters. To prevent information from leaking out, Apple is storing the code and sending it to the companies closer to the watch’s introduction date, the person said.

What remains a mystery

Apple is notorious for keeping a tight lid on things for as long as they can. Going into the final weekend before an official announcement is to be made, we are still none the wiser on key details of the Apple Watch.

For instance, no one seems to know how waterproof the Apple Watch will be, or whether it will even be water resistant. Also, seeing as the watch needs to be constantly paired to an iPhone via bluetooth for internet connectivity, what kind of battery life will the device enjoy?

Pricing and availability

The entry level Apple Watch, the sport version, is expected to be priced around the $349 mark. When one considers that pricing for Samsung’s Gear 2 starts at $199, this starts to seem a bit on the expensive side.
It should be noted however that final pricing for the Apple Watch will only be confirmed on Monday 9 March 2015 when Apple CEO Tim Cook take the stage.
Consumers can expect to get their hands on the Apple Watch sometime in April.