Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is one step closer to securing the Democratic Party’s nomination for this year’s election.  This follows victory over Senator Bernie Sanders in the Kentucky primary, a victory which should all but secure the July nomination.

Sanders has vowed to continue fighting until the last vote is cast, despite Mrs Clinton holding a significant delegate lead.  The Senator won the night’s other primary in Oregon.


Senator Bernie Sanders has won a few primaries of late, which would have given him hope heading into June’s delegate rich California primary.  From a momentum point of view then, this was a welcome victory for those in the Clinton camp.

All signs point to Hillary Clinton

With the number of states running out, Sanders will need to pull the proverbial rabbit out the hat if he is to avoid an  inevitable check mate.  The Party’s super delegates, who can support candidate, have largely sided with Clinton.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Delegate results are to be finalised at the Democratic Party’s convention in Pennsylvania, beginning July 25.